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July 08, 2015

Fairport Cosmetic Dentist | Rochester, Greece, Brockport, NYFor many of our patients in Rochester and Fairport, a cosmetic dentist offers a sense of confidence and relief.

Cosmetic dentistry has a simple goal: to give you the best smile possible. Our cosmetic dentists aren’t just qualified oral experts, they’re artists. They use creativity and imagination to develop the aligned, lustrous smile you deserve.

While good oral health is a critical element of your general health, a beautiful smile can be vital to your self-confidence, public impression and professional relationships. The American Dental Association found that the majority of Americans consider a person’s smile to be their most important physical feature, outranking eyes, hair and body.

You should consider visiting a cosmetic dentist if your teeth are:

  • Discolored
  • Missing
  • Crooked
  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Protruding

Whether you’re considering a single treatment or a comprehensive smile makeover, our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Sussman and Dr. Pogal, offer several options to match your individual needs.

Teeth whitening: Despite a consistent cleaning regimen, teeth can stain over time. Our teeth whitening process can brighten your teeth by eight to 10 shades in an hour or less.

Porcelain veneers: These incredibly thin, remarkably strong coverings rest over the front of your teeth. They are painstakingly crafted to correct imperfections such as severely discolored or gapped teeth.

Porcelain crowns: Due to porcelain’s ability to be sized, shaped and colored to match your existing oral structure, porcelain crowns blend seamlessly into your smile, covering damaged or vulnerable teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings: These modern, convenient fillings are an attractive way to maintain the original color and attractiveness of your smile.

Dental bonding: This procedure offers a quick and inexpensive way to improve your smile by bonding a special tooth-colored resin material to your existing teeth.

If you live in Rochester or Fairport and would like to learn more about how a cosmetic dentist can help you, contact the office of Dr. Paul Sussman and Dr. Meredith Pogal today by calling 585-227-4390 or by completing the form on this page to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from Greece, Brockport, Webster, and more.

June 29, 2015

With all the teeth whitening options available today, it can be a challenge to know which choice is best. Options for patients in and around Fairport and other areas of Upstate New York include over-the-counter products sold in department stores and grocery stores, as well as custom treatment at our office.

It may seem that the low cost and convenience of store-bought kits are the solution, but there are several factors that make professional in-office treatment the better choice. Treatment in our office offers several advantages over store-bought systems. Here are just a few of the ways our professional whitening is superior:

  • Better results: Like store-bought kits, we also use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, but because our products are applied to the tooth surface and supervised by a dentist and professional staff, we can use a stronger solution for better bleaching. You will get the best results when you start with a dental cleaning and exam.
  • Faster Treatment: OTC whitening may take weeks or even months to deliver results. In our office, you can achieve whitening eight to 10 shades lighter in one 45 minute session.
  • Custom Treatment: Our dentists will work with you to identify your current and ideal shade for your smile to develop your individualized goal and treatment plan.
  • Reduced Risk of Sensitivity: Professional whitening products contain potassium nitrate to counteract the discomfort of sensitive teeth.
  • Protection for Your Gums: Your customized application trays will help keep the bleaching solution where it belongs -- on your teeth and away from sensitive oral tissues.

To get the beautifully white smile you have always wanted, please contact the office of Dr. Paul Sussman and Dr. Meredith Pogal online or by phone at 585-227-4390 today. We serve patients in Fairport and surrounding areas of New York.

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June 10, 2015

If you are looking for options to straighten your teeth in Greece, you may find that Invisalign® is a great option for you. While Invisalign® is not a perfect fit for everyone, it does offer many advantages over traditional braces.

Advantages of Invisalign®

Some of the many advantages of Invisalign® over other orthodontics options are:

  • There are no sharp metal parts that can cause discomfort or injury

  • The aligners can be taken out when needed

  • You can continue with normal brushing and flossing

  • Fewer office visits are necessary

  • Your food choices are not limited

  • Most people won’t even notice you have Invisalign®

  • Computer modeling allows you to see what your outcomes can be

  • You can be confident in your appearance

  • Invisalign® won’t interfere with playing a musical instrument or sports

For some people, the cost of Invisalign® is not substantially higher than traditional braces. In fact, many people find that the higher costs are well worth it due to the many advantages of this clear braces option.

If you would like to find out more about Invisalign®, please contact the office of Dr. Paul Sussman and Dr. Meredith Pogal online or by phone at 585-227-4390 today. We serve patients in Rochester, Greece, and surrounding areas of New York.

June 05, 2015

Dental implants are one of the strongest and long-lasting tooth replacement options available. Though technically dental implants can last forever, the longevity of your treatment will depend on a variety of factors. 

While many implants can last for a lifetime when properly cared for, dental implants can also fail for an assortment of reasons including:

  • Periodontal disease – Whether this was the original reason for your natural tooth loss or a new condition, periodontal disease can hinder the performance of your implant.
  • Jaw trauma – If you suffer an injury to the jaw, your implant can dislodge.
  • Bite issues – A severely misaligned bite can place tension and stress on dental implants that can ultimately cause them to fail.

Additionally, when you use dental implant restoration, you are not only replacing your tooth’s natural root with an implant, but you are also replacing the tooth itself with a crown. Though crowns are generally expected to last for about a decade, they do not typically last for a lifetime. Fortunately, if your crown fails but your dental implant remains intact, the procedure to replace the crown is relatively quick and straightforward.

If you have additional questions or concerns about dental implants in Rochester or you would like to know if you are a dental implant candidate, contact the office of Dr. Paul Sussman and Dr. Meredith Pogal at 585-227-4390 today.

May 06, 2015

At our Rochester cosmetic and general dentistry office, our experienced dental team offers sedation dentistry for patients who need a little extra comfort and relaxation to cope with the anxiety that can often be associated with dental appointments.

You might be a candidate for our sedation dentistry services if:

  • You are comfortable using mild sedatives like diazepam (valium) or triazolam (Halcion)
  • You have overwhelming anxiety caused by dental treatments or medical settings
  • You suffer from an acute fear of needles
  • Your gag reflex is strong
  • You have trouble with numbing treatments
  • You have physical limitations in the neck, jaw or back that might affect the procedure
  • You need to complete an extensive series of treatments in a single visit

If you are a viable candidate for sedation dentistry, it can be administered to you for a range of dental procedures and treatments including:

  • Routine check-ups and dental cleanings
  • Tooth repairs and replacements
  • Cosmetic dentistry procedures

To learn more about the sedation dentistry services we offer and to find out if they might be right for you, contact the office of Dr. Paul Sussman and Dr. Meredith Pogal at 585-227-4390 today.

April 07, 2015

Athletes of any age know about the importance of proper safety gear. Helmets and pads protect players from concussions, broken bones, and other injuries that could take them out of the game. When you're picking out equipment, it's also important to have the right protection for your jaw, including the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

The TMJ controls movement in the jaw. Impact from an injury, such as trauma sustained in a collision with another player, can cause the joint to become misaligned, resulting in headaches, ear pain, difficulty chewing, and other symptoms.

As spring begins and many different sports seasons get underway, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons hosts National Facial Protection Month every April. The observance is an opportunity to remind adults and kids about the importance of proper head- and mouthgear to prevent injury to the TMJ and other parts of the face.

If you or your child plays contact sports, a custom mouth guard can help absorb the impact from a blow and reduce trauma to the jaw. Some sports might necessitate additional facial protection, including:

  • Football: All players should wear a helmet with facemask

  • Baseball: Players at bat should wear a helmet, while catchers and umpires should wear a full facemask

  • Hockey: All players should wear a helmet; goalies should wear a helmet with facemask

  • Lacrosse: All players should wear helmets with a facemask visor

  • Boxing, wrestling, and other martial arts: Participants should wear padded headgear

For athletes, the right gear is essential for preventing a sports-related injury. However, if you suspect you're suffering from TMJ pain due to an accident on the field, our Rochester dentists can perform a thorough examination to determine if your jaw is out of alignment.

To learn more about TMJ treatment options in Rochester, please call the office of Dr. Paul Sussman and Dr. Meredith Pogal at 585-227-4390 today.

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March 26, 2015

The newest member of our team is "part of the family" in more ways than one. In addition to joining our dental office, this Rochester orthodontist is also the daughter of Dr. Pogal and Dr. Sussman!

Dr. Tracy Pogal-Sussman is excited to help adults, teens, and children straighten their teeth for better oral health and a beautiful smile.

Growing up, Tracy spent a great deal of time helping her parents at their dental practice. Now she helps patients throughout Upstate New York as one of the few Board-Certified orthodontists in the local area.

For patients with crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, Dr. Tracy can assess issues affecting your dental development and create a custom treatment plan to correct the problem. Children and adults have different oral health needs, and Dr. Tracy will take those factors into account when determining your ideal orthodontic solution.

Depending on your needs and goals, Dr. Tracy might recommend one of our orthodontic treatments such as:

Dr. Tracy looks forward to meeting all of our patients. Please call 585-227-4390 to schedule a consultation to learn about our Rochester orthodontic services.

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March 09, 2015

Misalignment of the jaw joint can lead to dysfunction of the bite and intense pain in the face, neck, and shoulder. If you suffer from chronic headaches and jaw pain, Rochester dentist Dr. Paul Sussman can perform a comprehensive evaluation for TMJ disorder.

During your consultation, Dr. Sussman will review your medical history and ask questions about the type of pain you're experiencing, where the pain occurs, the frequency of the pain, and more. Additional tests might include:

  • Assessment of how well your bite fits together
  • Listening to the joint for noises such as clicks, pops, or grating
  • Examining your jaw as you open and close your mouth, move your jaw back and forth, and slide it side to side
  • Checking for signs of teeth grinding
  • X-ray imaging of the jaw area
  • Analysis of the bite with a K7 Evaluation System

The K7 system serves multiple purposes in diagnosing TMJ. It enables Dr. Sussman to track and record the movement of your jaw, monitor muscle activity, and detect vibrations created by the joints.

Individualized attention is a core principle of our Rochester dental practice. TMJ dysfunction can be misdiagnosed as another condition, which is why Dr. Sussman spends a great deal of time conducting a thorough, complete exam to help patients with frequent jaw pain find relief.

For more information about TMJ diagnosis, please call 585-227-4390 today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Sussman. We are pleased to see patients in Rochester and the surrounding communities.

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February 09, 2015

Everyone wants to look their best before going on a date. When that date falls on the most romantic day of the year, getting your appearance just right is even more important. If you want to look great for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion, cosmetic dentistry can enhance your appearance.

The best solutions for improving your smile will depend on the health and function of your teeth as well as your aesthetic goals. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Sussman and Dr. Pogal will discuss the changes you’d like to make and suggest possible treatments.

With cosmetic dentistry, you have a variety of options for creating a smile that dazzles your significant other, including:

  • Removing discoloration with teeth whitening
  • Repairing teeth with tooth-colored fillings, porcelain crowns, and other restorations
  • Restoring the shape and look of teeth with porcelain veneers or teeth bonding
  • Straightening teeth with Invisalign® or other orthodontic treatment

The ultimate goal of any cosmetic dentistry procedure is not only a better smile but improved self-esteem. Whether you’re looking forward to a romantic evening with a spouse, fiancé, or boyfriend or girlfriend, we believe that patients who look good also tend to feel good in many types of social situations.

Please call our Rochester office at 585-227-4390 today for your free cosmetic dentistry consultation.  

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