How Is TMJ Disorder Diagnosed?

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Misalignment of the jaw joint can lead to dysfunction of the bite and intense pain in the face, neck, and shoulder. If you suffer from chronic headaches and jaw pain, Rochester dentist Dr. Paul Sussman can perform a comprehensive evaluation for TMJ disorder.

During your consultation, Dr. Sussman will review your medical history and ask questions about the type of pain you're experiencing, where the pain occurs, the frequency of the pain, and more. Additional tests might include:

  • Assessment of how well your bite fits together
  • Listening to the joint for noises such as clicks, pops, or grating
  • Examining your jaw as you open and close your mouth, move your jaw back and forth, and slide it side to side
  • Checking for signs of teeth grinding
  • X-ray imaging of the jaw area
  • Analysis of the bite with a K7 Evaluation System

The K7 system serves multiple purposes in diagnosing TMJ. It enables Dr. Sussman to track and record the movement of your jaw, monitor muscle activity, and detect vibrations created by the joints.

Individualized attention is a core principle of our Rochester dental practice. TMJ dysfunction can be misdiagnosed as another condition, which is why Dr. Sussman spends a great deal of time conducting a thorough, complete exam to help patients with frequent jaw pain find relief.

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