Patient Testimonial: How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You

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Rochester cosmetic dentistryRochester cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dental procedures have the ability to restore your smile as well as your self-confidence. Recently, one of our patients received a cosmetic dental treatment offered by Dr. Paul Sussman, and wanted to share her life-changing experience.

As a young girl, she always felt uneasy about her smile. Her parents couldn't afford braces. As she grew older, two of her three children received braces to straighten their teeth, so it still wasn't the right time for her—until she decided she wanted a great smile for her son's wedding.

"I called Dr. Sussman and he encouraged me to come in and talk about the possibilities," she said. "He suggested I might be a candidate for invisalign, and fortunately, I was. We talked about the concept of being ready for the July 31st wedding, but then decided that veneers would really give me the results I was looking for."

Ultimately, she received porcelain veneers to give her the dazzling smile she always wanted. At first, she was nervous about receiving this treatment. However, by further discussing her procedure with our staff, she was able to feel at ease and even excited.

"I felt so comfortable with Dr. Sussman. He assured me there would be a wonderful change, and there definitely was. I cannot tell you how confident I feel—I smile all the time! My family and friends are so happy for me," she said. "I appreciate the kindness of everyone in Dr. Sussman's office. Each staff member was a cheerleader for me, which made it a remarkably wonderful experience."

Dr. Sussman offers patients a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions. To fully determine which procedure is right for you, he will meet with you in person to discuss your oral healthcare goals and needs. During your initial consultation, we will work together to design a personalized treatment plan to help deliver the smile you want to achieve.

If you are in the Rochester area and would like to learn more about your cosmetic dentistry options, give our office a call at 585-227-4390 to schedule your initial consultation.