Foods and Beverages that Stain Your Teeth

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Keeping your teeth stain-freeMaintaining a beautifully brilliant smile between professional teeth whitening treatments in Greece NY doesn’t have to be a lot of hard work. However, there are many common foods that can cause staining to your tooth enamel. Knowing which foods cause staining and what you can do to prevent it is the best way to keep your smile looking great between visits to our Center for Cosmetic & General Dentistry office.

Foods that Stain

Many foods can stain your teeth, including some you probably haven’t thought about. Here are a few of the most common culprits:

  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Soy Sauce
  • Fruit Juices
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Berries
  • Hard Candies
  • Red Wine
  • Frozen Fruit Flavored Treats

Some of these staining foods are also some of the healthiest options (think berries and green tea), so avoiding them all together is not the answer. So what else can you do?

Coffee and Tea:  add some milk to reduce the effects. Dairy milk has been shown to bind with the stain-causers in coffee and tea, helping to reduce their contact with your enamel.

Fruits and Wine:  Drink water while consuming them. Swish some water across your teeth with each mouthful to rinse away the stain-causers.

Artificial Colorings:  The best way to handle hard candy or other artificially colored foods is to avoid them. Look for alternatives colored with natural components.

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