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A demonstration of the iCAT Scanner used by Dr. Sussman for diagnosing complex bone and tissue conditions in 3D. His use of 3D imaging also facilitates the implementation of guided implant dentistry procedures that are quickly becoming a "standard" for patient's wanting the best of today's advancements in dentistry.

Dr Sussman specifically uses CoDiagnostix, a recognized leader in 3D based treatment planning software.

Patients can readily see and understand (unlike old fashioned 2D xrays) what is needed and the options available for obtaining the best advantage of leading edge dental treatments and products.

Dr Sussman has become a popular resource for professional, collegiate and serious high school athletes who suffer from a variety of unusual neuromuscular dentistry symptoms that affect performance can be easily treatable.  The PurePower mouthguard, a technology leader, provides almost immediate remedy for head and neck pains, unusual tmj symptoms and jaw joint related symptoms that can arise from playing contact and some non-contact sports that can generate an undiagnosed "jaw trauma event."

Recommended viewing for patients with known or suspected Neurological Dentistry diagnosis and/or treatment needs.

Channel 9 Capital News Television in Rochester NY provides a prime time news report demonstrating the basic principles of how neuromuscular dentistry are used to alter the physical positioning relationships of the upper and lower jaws, creating a more healthful balance of the TMJoints. See the different types of instrumentation used for evaluating and determining treatment recommendations.

ZAP Lasers manufacture a Diode Laser hybrid that is designed specifically as an adjunctive therapy for advanced Hygiene care and treatment for Periodontal disease.
Dr Sussman uses the patented HygieneLase Laser to provide laser curettage and sulcular pocket decontamination as a gum disease treatment alternative that is practically painless and a popular treatment choice.

Arestin is a traditional and popular treatment for controlling and eliminating gum disease. Minicycline, the principle ingredient, exerts its antimicrobial activity by prohibiting protein synthesis of the bacteria and has been shown to be effective against the pathogens associated with periodontal disease. Arestin is a powder that is blown into the pockets with a special syringe (plastic tube, not a needle).

The Waterlase Laser, manufactured by BioLase, is a popular treatment choice for many of our patients.

In this television interview Dr Sussman demonstrates the use of this advanced technology in treatment for cavities and root canals.