Welcome to Our New Orthodontist!

Our Rochester office provides smiles to Rochester, Webster, Greece, Fairport & Nearby Areas of New York

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The newest member of our team is "part of the family" in more ways than one. In addition to joining our dental office, this Rochester orthodontist is also the daughter of Dr. Pogal and Dr. Sussman!

Dr. Tracy Pogal-Sussman is excited to help adults, teens, and children straighten their teeth for better oral health and a beautiful smile.

Growing up, Tracy spent a great deal of time helping her parents at their dental practice. Now she helps patients throughout Upstate New York as one of the few Board-Certified orthodontists in the local area.

For patients with crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, Dr. Tracy can assess issues affecting your dental development and create a custom treatment plan to correct the problem. Children and adults have different oral health needs, and Dr. Tracy will take those factors into account when determining your ideal orthodontic solution.

Depending on your needs and goals, Dr. Tracy might recommend one of our orthodontic treatments such as:

Dr. Tracy looks forward to meeting all of our patients. Please call 585-227-4390 to schedule a consultation to learn about our Rochester orthodontic services.